I help you find the lost enthusiasm

It may now seem impossible to you because you spend more than 8 hours in a job that you do not like

Every morning the alarm goes off, you turn it off and after 5 minutes you get up. Tired, without enthusiasm to go back to your job. You spend endless hours in the company, you eat running without a minute to enjoy. You come home, exhausted, not wanting to tell your family how your day has gone. This is how you spend the days of the week, like an automaton, until the weekend arrives and, finally, you dedicate yourself to what you like.

You feel empty, you see no meaning in life. You feel disappointed. Work to pay bills? Is this what it means to be an adult?

Burnout happens because you lack illusions in your life

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Help yourself and help others with this ebook. With your contribution we get more people to calm down their mental health problems.

Not only is this ebook designed to help you achieve your goals, but also, I make my 1st session of my training available to eliminate your root problems and thus be able to continue with a happy life.

An ebook where you will find keys to put your mind at your disposal

"Looking for happiness"

And take the 1st session of coach Luis Montalvo's training

This e-book is a book full of practical exercises so that each of us can work with our mind to achieve our goals.

There are many times that the mind sabotages us, puts obstacles in our way so we don’t achieve the goals we set for ourselves and that causes us frustration. If we manage to make it available to us, then negativity, worries and all kinds of thoughts that obstruct us will no longer be present.

Therefore, this e-book shows how the mind works and how with simple exercises we can prevent it from invading us.

What will you learn with the ebook "Looking for happiness"

And also get FREE the 1st session of coach Luis Montalvo of his training valued at $3000

Imagine that your stress reaches 0 and you wake up refreshed.


By downloading the ebook you also download the audio of my first session. In it you will hear the instructions that you have to carry out in these 7 days. Starting from today.

What will you get with this first session?

During 7 days you will begin your personal transformation, in which you will have changes in you. Pay attention to everything around you.

The changes you probably have are:

What they say about my training

Former Coca-Cola Director

“I consider that Luis Montalvo's course is really powerful from the moment it helps to understand and control the worst enemy we all have: the subconscious. Through simple, quick and easy to apply techniques, you will discover how to silence a lot of negative and destructive thoughts that prevent us from reaching our goals.”


“Luis Montalvo's course is an experience and learning that helps you control your emotions and motivate you to pursue your goals. In my case, it has helped me reach a zen state and clearly develop my goals.”


“I am 81 years old and I feel 40 years old.”

Who is Luis Montalvo?

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 14 years old. I have gone through the hospitality, communication, construction, insurance, political and foundation sectors, so I know the problems that a manager or an executive can have in their day to day.

As a child I was diagnosed with ADHD, so I always had concerns that were different from those of my peers. My desire to know and explore the world showed me that the great secret is found in books, in such a way that I dedicated myself to reading everything I found along the way.

That’s why I started studying human behavior to eliminate the concept of «awful» that people had towards me and I began to realize that people were not happy and lied to each other.

This, added to my drive, led me to start a business from a very young age, adding value to society and my professional life.

With my Mental Activation Technique you will lead your life and not the other way around. You will see life as it is, not as this society wants you to see it.

All the information that I am going to share with you is from years of experience and contemplation. Each exercise that I show you I have already implanted before in myself and in many others.

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